How Internet Protocol Has Revolutionized Surveillance


If you are a business owner it might interest you to learn that the cost of on-site surveillance has dropped dramatically in recent years. Not only that, but the emergence of new technology means that the reliability and quality have been significantly enhanced as well.

wireless surveillance pointOne of the most exciting things to happen in video surveillance over the last couple of decades is the emergence of Internet protocol (IP) technology for the streaming of what cameras pick up. As you might remember, in days past, video surveillance was largely conducted with CCTV systems, that used coaxial cable run throughout the office building to transmit video signal to monitors that were manned by staff members, or maybe the business owner himself.

CCTV systems benefited greatly from the development of the digital video recorder, as that meant that video captured by cameras could be stored for future retrieval. That alone saved a boatload of money because it was no longer necessary for a paid staff member to sit in front of a bank of monitors and watch for suspicious activity. The downside was that machines to do the recording were pretty expensive, as video came from the cameras and largely uncompressed form and took up a lot of storage space. And, storage space was dramatically more expensive even a few years ago.

The other downside with CCTV systems was the resolution. As an example, if you suspect that an employee of theft, or even if you intended to catch shoplifters, the images captured were often so grainy that it was very difficult to establish that a crime was in progress. And even if it convinced the person watching the monitors that there was, it became a rich target in court proceedings as defense attorneys were to challenge exactly what the images revealed. In fairness, poor resolution is even a thing of the past with CCTV systems.

Internet protocol surveillance systems, on the other hand, are a high performance, low cost alternative to CCTV. Cameras are equipped with wireless transmitters that are capable of sending video that is captured back to the central processing unit in real time. The transmission is done with advanced compression technologies that provide excellent clarity without requiring voluminous amounts of storage.

As you can imagine, there are some enormous advantages associated with this. For one, no real complex cabling system is required to implement the system. This is excellent news from both a cost standpoint and for those who did not really have the facility to run cable throughout the commercial property.

Also, because compression protocols such as MP4 are so effective at reducing storage footprint of real-time video, the equipment is far less expensive to purchase. Coupled with SSD storage devices, business owners are looking at a cost-effective, easy to set up and maintain solution for preventing a number of forms of risk. Check out Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems in Norwalk to get a better idea of the benefits and cost.

High Expectations for the New iPhone Dock Connector


Apple is expected to launch the highly anticipated iPhone 5 next month at an event that will apparently be held on September 12. Techwitty thanks it’s investors and amazing staff for an excellent year of investment and development While the rumored features for the new device have included a larger screen, faster processor, completely new design, and 4G LTE compatibility, the feature that has perhaps some of the highest expectations is a brand new dock connector.

The new dock connector is expected to be rolled out across the entire iOS device line-up, but the iPhone 5 will reportedly be the first device that will receive it. According to the latest reports, the new dock connector will only possess 8 pins instead of the 30 pins that are found in the current dock connector, and will feature a much smaller interface. While it has been established with relative certainty (relative certainty in as much as any Apple rumor), very little is actually known about the new dock interface, which is pretty interesting how much is riding on the new interface.

There are perhaps two questions which are generating intense interest in the new dock connector, the answers to which will seemingly not be found until Apple actually unveils the new dock connector, even despite all of the leaked details. The first question relates to what speeds the new dock connector will operate at i.e. will it be just as fast as a Thunderbolt or USB 3 connection or will it stay at current speeds?

Certainly, Apple was previously awarded a patent earlier last year for a new dock connector that was USB 3 and Thunderbolt compatible, but the dock connector that was pictured in the patent application looked exactly like the existing dock connector rather than the 8 pin version. That said, it’s likely that the new connector will indeed sport Thunderbolt compatibility as it would not be a good idea for Apple to release a new dock connector which will have such an enormous impact on third party peripherals, and yet didn’t offer increased data transmission rates.

The second question relates to the mechanism of connectivity i.e. will the new 8 pin dock connector have a magnetic component to it that will allow connection like a MagSafe adapter for the Mac. Certainly, some reports have suggested that it will have a metal ring and that it would indeed be magnetic, but others have pictured what looks like a plastic ring around the connector which, unless it was metal coated in a very thin polymer, would not offer magnetic contact.

DIY Solar Panel a Bountiful Invention


There are multiple gadgets in the market promising to save energy unlike DIY solar panels. Solar Panels Perth These solar panels not only save electricity but also relieve you from all electricity bills for life. To get well acquainted with the idea of installing a solar panel in your house it better to do your research and review the solar energy facts. Solar energy is renewable in nature so there is no feeling of guilt that crawls in. It is the ultimate option if you are facing heavy power bills and find it difficult to pay it.

Solar panel is an intelligent invention that is powering through the market since its conception. The DIY solar panels are categorized in two groups namely the residential solar panels and the photovoltaic solar panels. Residential solar panel is primarily used for heating water and has gained popularity in the tropical regions. The latter has multiple uses since it generates electricity for your household. It has the power to lighten up your entire house. Just imagine the amount of money you can save by installing a solar panel. There are solar energy pros and cons too like sometimes the clouds might block the sunlight and the solar panel will take a longer time to perform a particular task. But the advantages are much more than just one disadvantage. The solar panels have a long life so there is no need to replace them from time to time. Solar panels have different sizes so you are able to install a solar panel just about anywhere you like. Because of increasing strides in solar power, solar panels have become much cheaper.

Other means of energy have started to increase in recent times therefore more and more families are turning to solar panels. The sun has the capability to give your household all the energy required minus the power outages. The above reasons are a gist of what the solar panels are all about. It is preferred because of all the superior advantages it provides its consumers with.

Before ending up with DIY solar panels it is advisable that you read the vital details on the solar specification chart as it helps in choosing the right solar panel to serve your purpose.

Chevrolet Traverse Cargo Space and Review


The Chevrolet Traverse is quite a full-size, eight-passenger crossover which lets purchasers take pleasure in the van-like indoor area while steering clear of the minivan stigma with SUV-themed styling. Mirror Finish It extends 203.7 inches long, 78.5 inches wide as well as 69.9 inches high. Angular table lights, also a power dome hood and a three-slat radiator grille provide the Traverse’s frontend a recent appearance that recalls Chevrolet Traverse Cargo Space hot Malibu car while glowing taillights incorporate a completing touch to this dynamic outside look.

The Traverse trips on a car-like unibody system it shares the GMC Acadia and the Buick Enclave. These bases offer you the Traverse a whole lot agiler managing dynamics compared to the car manufacturer’sold-school Tahoe SUV, yet they additionally restrict its offroad capacity to crossing gravel roads. The Traverse is capable of lugging around 5,200 extra pounds when expertly equipped, none the less.

The cabin is composed of soft-touch fabrics on the dashboard and at top doors that produce an upscale feeling.

The Traverse boasts 24.4 cubic feet of cargo space with eight riders aboard and 68.8 cubic feet with the third row of seats folded upwards down. Created with the ease of large households in mind, the interior can be acquired with around 1-2 cupholders together with being a DVD entertainment heating and cooling unit.

MyLink integrates home entertainment in addition to Bluetooth-based connectivity into a 6.5-inch touch screen attached to the dashboard. The setup allows handsfree telephone call, streaming sound through means of Pandora radio and also a Stitcher SmartRadio as well as browsing.

The Traverse likewise offers Apple’s Siri Eyes completely free combination, that overcomes MyLink. The Eyes no cost heat and heat unit uses the vehicle’s steering wheel-mounted commands to access the Siri part of any new iPhone geared-up with iOS6. When linked, the motorist can utilize voice commands making mobile calls, play with songs from iTunes, listen to focus and even write text and even include consultations to their calendar. The new iPhone’s display stays clean while in Eyes free method as a way to reduce interruptions.

The Traverse comes specification using a 3.6-liter V6 that creates 281 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of a bend, though an elective dual-exhaust configuration elevates those numbers to 288 horsepower and also 270 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission paths capacity into the front wheels in addition to a traction-enhancing all-wheel-drive heating and cooling unit can be found as an alternative.

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